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Meet theTeam


Desrean McFarlane


Desrean McFarlane is our senior teacher and an invaluable member of the team. She has been teaching Mother Goose in Montreal since 2000 and is also proud to serve as Chair of the National Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Diversity Council.  She is also a professional early childhood educator with her own daycare business.  Her  wealth of experience, her warmth and her positive attitude brighten every program she participates in.  Her in depth knowledge of early childhood and parenting is an incredible help to our families.


Robin Sales

Teacher and Co-Coordinator

​Robin Sales is is a professional librarian with both an MLIS and an MFA in Writing and Literature. Based in Montreal, Robin is a bi-lingual teacher and coordinator for the National Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. She is also a proud Director on the National Council of the Program.  She has been providing family programming to enrich the life of parents and children since 1996 and  bi-lingual programming  since  2002.   Sharing simple songs, rhythms, rhymes and stories, she creates a supportive, caring and joyful environment where parents and children embark on the journey of lifelong learning together. 

Image by Oliver Frsh

Gabrielle Thomas

Teacher and Co-Coordinator

Gabrielle has been an animator with the Montreal Mother Goose team since 2018 and is proud to currently serve as the program's Communications Agent.  She is a dedicated advocate for literacy and diversity in her volunteering and work as a public servant. Gabrielle is also active with the National Parent-Child Mother Goose Program as a member of their Diversity Council.  

Image by Alex Guillaume

Howard Johnson


Howard Johnson is a professional reggae artist with over 17 years of experience in the music scene. He was born in Jamaica and began playing his first notes in his local church in Montego Bay. Since then, he has toured internationally as King Shadrock and alongside other artists.  He has sold over 10,000 albums and his band King Shadrock & the Untouchable Band is constantly evolving and working to bring out the best in himself, and the best in REGGAE music. Howard uses his influence to support local communities and social causes, including founding the Artists Against Gun Violence movement.  He is pleased to lend his voice to the Parent-Child Mother Goose program in Montreal as our beloved teacher.

Image by Bob Brewer

Brigitte Boudreau


Brigitte has always loved storytelling, and entertained her family and friends with scary stories as a child. These days, she teaches English and Comparative Literature in Montreal, and enjoys telling stories to her three young children. For the last few years, her family has participated in the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. She is excited to join a dedicated and dynamic team!

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